Our church seeks to follow a biblical leadership model with ministers and shepherds serving under the headship of Jesus Christ. We believe that it is our job to care for the spiritual needs of the people by preaching and teaching the word of God, praying for the members and their families, offering spiritual wisdom and insight, standing guard against false doctrine and sinful influences, and empowering the believers to use their gifts and abilities for the building of the kingdom.

Our deacons and ministry leaders are positioned to support the spiritual leadership by meeting the practical needs of the church family on a day to day basis. This is done by carrying the load of organization and administration, spearheading various ministry efforts, and ensuring that resources are well-managed and maintained.


Rigel J. Dawson - Minister

Cleon Anderson - Youth & Outreach Minister

Bill Thomason - Shepherd

Eric Thomason - Shepherd

Kevin Berry - Shepherd

Mike Miceli - Shepherd

Mike Rinks - Shepherd